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Sayulita, Mexico

Private Rooms & Dorms | Daily or Monthly Stay 

A ladies only guesthouse in the heart of Sayulita

My Sister’s House is a ladies only guesthouse located in the heart of Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico. In our exclusive women’s hostel, we provide an inclusive, safe, clean, fun and comforting space for women of all ages. We believe in empowering women to get the most out of their travels by sharing company with other amazing women from all around the world.

Women empowering women

Creating this gathering place for you lovely, strong, authentic and powerful women gives us the feeling of being part of a family, and of a movement for more freedom and more independence.

As a team of globetrotting girls ourselves, we have spent many years exploring the world, and always enjoyed our adventures better when we had a safe, quiet, and comfortable space to sleep at night. So we created an affordable, pretty and clean guesthouse in Sayulita, that is just the way that we would want it!

Experience the paradise town of Sayulita

​Ask us about weekly excursions and activities in Sayulita and consult our weekly house activity schedule that includes yoga, fitness classes, surf lessons, meditations, Reiki session, Full Moon ceremonials, creative workshops, trail running, whale watching, scuba diving, sailing, excursions to sacred sites, turtle hatchings, and more!

Location, location, location

​Our address is Avenida Revolución, #83, Sayulita. We are located just an hour from Puerto Vallarta International Airport. The guesthouse is located on a safe, well-lit street, just a 7 minute walk from Sayulita Plaza, where all the action happens. Dozens of great cafes, restaurants and stores line the colorful cobbled streets of Sayulita. Get ready to have a good time!


Ask us about monthly guesthouse pricing: WhatsApp + 52 322 350 3748

​Adventurous women welcome in our amazing sisters community!

My Sister’s House in the news:


Chandra Room

• Our second level private suite has a king-size bed, a closet, air-con, en-suite bathroom with shower, and direct access to the second floor terrace.

Shanti Room

• Our second level private suite features a plush king-size bed, a closet, air-con, en-suite bathroom with shower, and direct access to the second floor terrace.

Muladhara Room

• Our principal dorm is a hostel-style dormitory with 8 comfy twin bunkbeds, a large table, private lockers, air-con, and a bathroom with shower.

Dharma Room

•Our 2 person dorm features one bunk bed with 2 double sized mattresses and private locker. The room is separated with a privacy curtain. Shared bathroom with 2 showers, air-con.

Shak Ti Room

• Our 4 person dorm room features two bunkbeds with four comfy twin beds, a locking door, lockers, air-con, and a vanity table.




​Get ready to have a GOOD TIME! Ask us what’s on the “Fun Menu” for the week. We can arrange activities for all interests: Surfing, Yoga, Sailing, Hiking, Diving, Group Dinners, Partying, Culinary Adventures, Art Classes, Cultural Tours, Meditations, and MORE!


Yoga Patio & Terrace

You are welcome to enjoy our rooftop yoga patio where we host weekly classes. Hostel guests are invited to join our regular classes on a donation basis. Downstairs, our spacious terrace features a table, working space, people watching bar, swings, comfy sofa and a fully equipped kitchen so you can hang out all day and gather with the girls for a good dinner!


Shared Spaces

We provide a small shared kitchen with blender, coffee maker, toaster-oven and refrigerator. There is water, teas and coffee, and great cafes and restaurants nearby to explore. We are sure you will agree with us that the best of Mexico is food and then, Sayulita! 😉


Free Wifi

Enjoy our WIFI on one of ur lovely terrasse or simply enjoying a good netflix and chill night from your comfy bed! We also have a projector for you girls to enjoy movie night when you had a little too much tequila the day before … We got you girl!


Open Terrace Lounge

Our casa es su casa! Enjoy our open terrace patio to relax, work on your laptop, chat with friends, meditate, train, have a nap, enjoy some sun, play games, and enjoy complimentary teas and coffee.


Daily Housekeeping & Laundry

Clean freaks feel right at home. We are vigilant about cleanliness and order. There are daily cleaning and laundry services.




We offer weekly yoga classes and meditation coussin and areas on our roof patio. There are also wonderful yoga and fitness classes within walking distance from us and we’ll be happy to connect you with the local schedule. Sayulita is a mecca for yogis from everywhere and we are sure you will enjoy connecting with them! 



Of course, we have a surf board waiting for you! Borrow our beginner foam board for free or rent a more professional one! When you say Sayulita, you know you have to learn how to surf or your travel wouldn’t be complete! Ask the reception to connect you with our amazing local partners and catch your first wave or if you are already a surfer, let them bring you to the best spots around!
surf rental partner:



New in town? Coming vacationing or to maaayyybe stay, like we all did hehe? No worries! Let us know if you’d like us to show you around or let us gives you our secret favorite spots around. There are amazing boutiques and galleries to explore, beautiful jungle roads to sandy hidden beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find it! Lucid Bar is our sister bar and restaurant. They offer the freshest drinks in town and feature their home brewed ginger beer.



Let’s get moving! We often like to say that the best of Sayulita is exploring while training. Run to secret beaches, bike to San Pancho for dinner, hike Monkey Mountain to enjoy a 360 degree view over Bahia de Banderas. Whatever it is that drives you as a sport, Sayulita hasit in store! Our backyard is a beach and a jungle right? Lucky us? Well lucky you then! Welcome to paradise town!



Did you know that Mexico has an incredibly rich cultural history, going back thousands of years? From the colonial architecture of San Blas to the sacred Huichol site of Altavista, let us connect you with the most precious cultural guides and help you give back to cultural communities.



The art of distilling Agave spirits is an ancient cultural tradition going back centuries. There are many varieties of Agave. Enjoy private tastings at the hostal or at the “Agave Experience boutique” by top connoisseurs to learn about the ancient traditions of crafting agave spirits so you can appreciate the difference among Tequila, Mezcal and Raicilla. All tequila is mezcal, but not all mezcal is tequila! Learn the process while playing mexican games, eating guacamole and sipping with our passionate partners!


“FINALLY. A place to stay in Sayulita that is clean and affordable.”


“The Dorm is so well done and cosy!! It was a perfect place to stay during my visit to Sayulita. Waking up in the morning to yoga on the patio was such a treat!! From the bed to the mat…what a way to start the day!”


“I hosted my women’s group here and everyone was delighted by the sweet and pretty space.”


“I’m so excited to know this exists. Having a community of activated women added so much to my experience. ”


“The private room upstairs is absolutely lovely and has the most heavenly bed I’ve ever slept in.”


“If you’re a solo female traveler and need a safe place to lay your head, make some new friends, and enjoy all the beauty Sayulita has to offer – Stay Here!”


List of great things at My Sister’s House: 1. The location was perfect. It was close to all the restaurants, bars, shop and beaches. 2. The facility was clean and safe. 3. The communal area had a sofa and lots of cool books to read. 4. There were lots of plants. 5. Fully equipped kitchen. 6. My favorite thing about My Sister’s House is the PEOPLE. Everybody was amazing.



Join us for a MONTHLY STAY between June & October



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