Since the sun is always shining in Sayulita what would be better than treating yourself with an icecream?! Luckily Sayulita offers many different options, from vegan over Paletas to icecream Tacos! We show you our three favorite places.

If you’re looking for Paletas (similar to popsicle), Wakika has lots of different options. Not only you’ll find lots of different flavors but also vegan, water based Paletas! They’re all so tasty and will make your day better. Furthermore they have 2 Wakika locations in Sayulita, so you definitely won’t miss them.


Although Gelatoos is a very small icecream shop, you’ll find such delicious variety of flavors here! My personal favorite is chocolate with orange (chocolate naranja). However, you’ll definitely find something you’ll like here and on top the saleswomen are always super friendly!


Last but not least: icecream tacos! Yes you’ve heard right! Rollados turns the traditional Mexican street food into an icecream experience. Selling their delicious ice cream tacos from a cute street food van on a street close to the beach makes that place magical. You can sit outside and enjoy this delicious new creation of icecream! To get the ultimate cool down afterwards you can walk to the beach in less than 2 minutes and jump into the water. 
Enjoy this very special treat! 

Of course there are more icecream places in Sayulita! But those are the ones we like the best and wanted to share with you. 

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