Sayulita has become recognized worldwide for being one of the most famous places to learn to surf because the waves are gentler and smaller compared to other beaches such as Puerto Escondido or Baja California, where the waves are more aggressive and reach up to 6 meters high. So if you are thinking of investing in your first surf session in Sayulita, we share 5 tips recommended by Gastón, founder and instructor of the Avex Surf school in Sayulita. 

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1.- Choose the best surf season in Sayulita.

Choose the best season of the year to take your first surf session in Sayulita. You can learn to surf during all seasons of the year, however the waves are friendlier in winter. In summer, Sayulita receives another public, more experienced surfers who look for the biggest waves that are generated due to storms.

2.- Define your expectations.

This point is very important so that at the end of the session your expectations are met. If you only want to have a class as part of the experience, the school will not matter much since just being in the sea and getting on the board will meet your expectations. However, if you really want to learn the principles of surfing well so that you eventually develop this skill and continue practicing it, the following point is important.

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3.-Choose the surf school well.

There is a wide range of surf schools and lessons in Sayulita. It is important that you take the time to choose the one that aligns with your goals. Check that the school offers different levels of surfing, that it has the ISA certification since this gives you a professional guideline, a guarantee that your class will be professional and thus it is more likely that your expectations will be met. Read the reviews and find out what customers are saying about the service.

4.- Choose a private class or max 3 people.

Depending on your intentions for the first session, choose your private class or with a maximum of 3 people because the explanation of the class is different with a larger group, anything that happens becomes more risky.

5.- Consider joining a surf camp in Sayulita.

If you come with more time, think about joining a Surf Camp, where you will not only have one session, but more sessions and you will be able to interact with other people, learn good surf basics, have fun and socialize meeting people from all over the world.

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After considering this 5 tips, you are now ready to enjoy your fisrt surf session in Sayulita. And If you want to know more about tips during your trip in Sayulita, visit our blog!