Sayulita is located right at the beach and you can enjoy an umbrella, drinks, massages and so much more within just a few minutes walking. But if you’re looking for a different experience, black sand between your feet or a spring of clay which makes your skin smoother we have some special tips for you! We’re going to show you our 4 favorite beaches close to Sayulita!


Northside of Sayulita Beach

The closest option to downtown is the Northside of the main beach in Sayulita. If you’re at the Sayulita Beach keep walking with the ocean to your left side. You’ll reach a quieter beach with plenty of space for yourself. Here you can enjoy watching Pelicans, reading a book or listening to the waves. At the end of the beachfront you’ll find some beautiful rocks which also make an awesome sunset spot! If you keep walking all the way over the rocks you’ll find your way to our second suggestion:


Playa Malpaso

Playa Malpaso is a long and beautiful beach. There are mostly no people around cause it takes a small hike to get there. If you keep walking over the rocks at the end of Sayulita Beachfront you’ll find a small path. This will first take you to Playa Las Cuevas, a small beach right before Malpaso. If the tide is low you can go through the caves and reach Playa Malpaso, which is a lot of fun! If there’s too much water you’ll find another path over a small hill. Malpaso beach is beautiful, quiet and super long! You can enjoy a very peaceful day here. The hike is about one hour from the hostel and very easy to do.


Playa Patzcuarito

A beach closer by is Playa Patzcuarito on the other side of the town. You’ll hike about 30 minutes and you’ll reach another beautiful and more quiet beach. It’s one of a few beaches with black sand which feels super soft under your feet. There’s also a pack of very friendly dogs who is always enjoying its time playing. You can explore, walk over the rocks and enjoy the beautiful sunset from here!


Playa de Barro

Last but not least one of our favorite beaches! Playa de Barro is a little further up north from Sayulita and you need to take a taxi to get there. We’re happy to organize that trip for you! Playa de Barro is a beautiful beach that you’ll find for yourself especially during the week in the mornings. It has a natural pool with crystal clear water where you can rest from the sun. What makes this beach so special is a spring of natural clay. You can put the clay on your skin like a peeling. The combination of the clay and the salty water of the ocean makes your skin very smooth and soft.

Of course there are more beautiful beaches close to Sayulita but those are the ones we think you have to visit!

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