When it comes to sunsets, Sayulita has one of the best in the world. Both the people who come to visit and the people who live here, are impressed by the tremendous spectacle of the sun as it goes over the horizon. From the time the sun goes down until its departure, the sky and the clouds are painted in beautiful colors that provoke the applause of all the spectators. There are different places where you can appreciate this unique sunset, depending on your tastes and moods. We share the best 3 spots to watch the sunset in Sayulita.



If you like to sit on the sand, watch the surf, be surrounded by more people and listen to music, this is for you the best spot to watch the sunset in Sayulita. Every afternoon you can listen to drums music from the African percussion group, music with a mexican live band or modern music from Cocos bar or from the speakers of the tourists. You can also see surfers paddling to get their wave and some people dancing to the rhythm of the music. This spot is the soul of Sayulita, all cultures coexist while the sun continues its way towards sunset.


If you like to enjoy the sunset more chill, if you like to swim and enjoy a good margarita or some other cocktail or a beer. The Bar Miramar is the best point to watch the sunset in Sayulita. It is a little further north from the main beach. There are fewer people here, so it is quieter, there are no bands or percussion groups and since there are no surfers on that side, you can swim without worrying about getting in their way. At Bar Miramar they also have Mexican food service, from guacamole to quesadillas with authentic Mexican seafood. The chairs are very comfortable, ideal for watching the spectacle of the Sun going over the horizon. The drink we recommend is hibiscus water with ginger, with or without alcohol.


If you like hiking, adventure, boogie boarding and even making bonfires, Carricitos beach is the best point to watch the sunset in Sayulita. This place is a hidden treasure where there are practically no people and where the sound of the waves of the sea breaking on the shore can be heard from the moment you go down to the beach. To get there you have to walk from Sayulita and go through the jungle. During the winter and spring on the main beach of Sayulita it is not possible to see the sun on the horizon, however in Carricitos it is. If you visit Sayulita during this season, we 100% recommend going to Carricitos to watch the sunset. The current is stronger and the waves bigger, many locals go to this beach to practice boogie board and also to make bonfires.

If you are ready to watch one of the best sunsets in the world, come to Sayulita and write down on your list of things to do, these top 3 best spots to watch the sunset in Sayulita and please remember to pick up your garbage to keep the beach and the sea clean.