Sayulita is a magic town with streets full of colors, great vibes, hikes, tacos, sunset spots, yoga classes, galleries with huichol arts, surfers and tourists from all over the world. Another thing you will find all over the town is coffee. Yes! There are coffee places everywhere to drink the best coffee in Mexico. All of them are great and I selected a few that have an extra touch of magic.
Sayulita coffee
Mon- Friday: 8:00-14:00 Sat: 8:00-13:00

 Librería Sayulita
C. Miramar 17a

This coffee place has its magic in the unique style of the space and the quality of their coffee. Hundreds and hundreds of books are waiting for you to read them at Libreria Sayulita while you enjoy a cup of one of the best coffees, Café de la O. This coffee is produced in a ranch called La Yierba 30 min from Tepic by Julia, a woman who has been doing it for 15 years. So not only will you be supporting a local business but also tasting a great Mexican coffee drink. For example, the Vietnamese, their most refreshing drink. Made of condensed milk, an espresso shot and ice. You can also find vegan options like plant-based milk, brownies made of beans, oats flour and cacao. Now it is time for you to prove that Libreria Sayulita is indeed a coffee place with magic in Sayulita.

Sayulita coffee
Mon-Sat: 7:30 – 17:30

Don Pancho
Av. Revolución 122 I @cafe_don_pancho_de_nayarit

This coffee place has magic in the quality of the selection of the coffee and the history of the owner. Francisco learned everything about processing coffee when he was just 10 years old. His father gave him his first 300 coffee plants to take care of. He was raised surrounded by coffee fields. The coffee you taste at Don Pancho comes from Cumbres de Huitzitzila, a ranch in Compostela Nayarit, where Francisco himself chooses the coffee grains and brings them to Sayulita. He offers four options: classic roast, dark roast, cinnamon roast and mocha artesanal. All of them are unique and delicious. People love coming to Don Pancho for iced lattes and a piece of pumpkin pancake with cream. When you visit this place and order your coffee and dessert make sure to talk with Francisco and he will share with you his passion for his coffee.

sayulita coffee
Mon- Sun: 7:00-19:00

Mugre animal
Av. Revolución 15-Local 4 I @mugre_animal

The magic of this place is reflected in the creativity of the drinks and souvenirs, the continuous improvement of the place, the history behind the business, and its branding. One of the owners, Fausto, comes from Veracruz. He’s a passionate coffee person in love with his job. It was his grandfather’s passion for roasters and coffee that inspired him to dedicate his life to his business.
His coffee comes from Veracruz and Nayarit. He offers everything you can find at a normal coffee place and more! You will find drinks like cold brew, dirty chai, ginger beer and café de olla (a mexican drink with cinnamon and a little bit of piloncillo, sugar) bottled in glass, and delicious food like omelets, croissants, bagel and fried eggs. Also, their wifi is strong so you can do some work there while drinking a good quality coffee.

There’s definitely more options to get a good cup of coffee. These are the ones I recommend if you want to experience something different and with a touch of magic.

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