They say that the hustling and bustling fishermans town of Mexico’s Nayarit; Sayulita, has it all. 

After being here for about 3 months while volunteering at the amazing ladies only hostel ‘’My Sister´s House’’ I can tell you the top 3 reasons why you have to volunteer in Sayulita as a solo female traveler.

Who doesn’t want the beach, sunshine, delicious food, amazing people, luscious nature and happy vibes around all the time?

Sayulita is well known as a vibrant surftown. No wonder many surfers from all around the world travel to the coastal towns of Nayarit to surf great long and shortboard waves. You are at the best spot if you are a total beginner or if you already know how to surf. There are many surf schools around town who offer daily lessons and surf trips for all levels. If you feel like immersing yourself in jungle vibes, Sayulita also has many hiking trails around with beautiful views of the ocean.

There is really  something for everyone, Sayulita has so much to offer. If this doesn’t convince you yet, read on for why many people visit and stay for a while.

 One of the biggest reasons why Sayulita attracts so many solo female travelers is that Sayulita has a big spiritual and health conscious community. 

Everyday there are many different kinds of yoga, breathwork, movement and sound healing but also lots of workshops and ceremonies happening all around town. 

Many of these activities are to be found at either yoga studios or event spaces. Besides that you can often find ceremonies at the beach. A group reiki/sound healing ceremony while listening to the ocean in the background and feeling the warmth of the sunset on your skin? This and more are things many enjoy here on a weekly basis. If you feel like a private session, many teachers offer their specialties as 1:1 too. 

While enjoying all of the health and wellbeing activities you will be surrounded by people from all corners of the globe. There truly are so many great people in this town! All with different backgrounds, stories, travels and work experience. If you like to meet new people or if you prefer to do your own thing, both are absolutely possible. Solo beach session? A group sunset bonfire? You choose!

After meeting those new (best) friends, what’s a better way to get to know each other than trying out some of the amazing restaurants Sayulita has to offer? If you are staying in or around the center of Sayulita, you are steps away from many places with a great range of delicious food. You really cannot go wrong! There is traditional Mexican cuisine, delicious fresh seafood, Italian flavors or some takeaway tacos and more to be found. Even vegan taco options. 

Many different health & wellbeing activities, amazing food and meeting people from all over the world. These are my top 3 reasons why you have to volunteer in Sayulita as a solo female traveler in Mexico’s favorite surftown Sayulita.

 Now go ahead and find your way here, you might not leave soon…

By: @cathyisabel